Flairsoft Federal Products

Flairdocs™ is an integrated suite of tools featuring end-to-end real property and right-of-way process support capabilities. This innovative product simplifies interfacing in areas including: permitting, survey, appraisal, legal, engineering, title, accounting, environmental, and community relations. Flairdocs™ is a two-time nominee in the prestigious Innovative Product category, at the Tech Columbus Innovation Awards. Some of Flairdocs™ key features include:

  • Rapid Deployment: Flairdocs™ requires little to no custom coding for implementation. It can be deployed in less time and with fewer professional services than other platform-oriented tools.
  • Configurability: Organizations can easily configure Flairdocs™ using point-and-click functionality- creating the ability to configure, deploy and modify sophisticated process solutions without being locked into a rigid coded application.
  • Powerful Document Generation Capabilities: Documents are generated based on templates, predefined clauses, layouts and business rules. Our business rules engine is extremely sophisticated, allowing users to create nested rules which can be used to insert anything from, formatting simple text to complex tables. Our sample template is capable of generating more than two million unique combinations for a generated document.
  • Efficiency: Robust eFiling, eSignature and single sign-on technologies, streamline projects based on Real Property Information Models and UPERA standards, in addition to simplifying legal compliance. Using Flairdocs™ completely eliminates the unnecessary scanning of recorded documents
  • Use of Service Oriented Architectures: Flairdocs™ implements interoperable standards-based eRecording and Mobile solutions using web services technologies based on PRIA2.0 and UPERA standards.
  • Secure, Highly Scalable and Reliable Architecture: Flairdocs™ maintains a high level of security by supporting a configurable user profile that can be assigned to a particular geographic location.
  • Powerful Estimation Engine: Flairdocs™ allows users to analyze historical data and estimate project costs by, using similar projects as a starting point. Flairdocs™ uses proven interpolation and extrapolation techniques, which allows users to make cost estimates that are more accurate than ever before.
  • eCollaboration with External Agencies: All Flairdocs™ eRecording documents comply with the latest PRIA XML standards at the click of a button.
  • Flairdocs™ Mobile: The mobile, standalone version can be synchronized with Flairdocs™ web servers through an internet connection; and can be used offline by project agents or managers in the field.
  • Intuitive and Ease of Use: Flairdocs™ is simple to use with Google-like search features and includes a powerful and highly configurable integrated GIS module, a proprietary ad-hoc reporting engine, and automation that results in increased efficiency and ROI.