Flairsoft Federal Capabilities

Modeling, Simulation, Scientific Engineering & Support

The needs of an organization’s most technically advanced sectors require special attention that only the experts can give. Flairsoft offers top-of-the line consulting services and solutions for your scientific and technical needs.

We’ll help you leverage advanced scientific software tools and processes to: reduce workloads and increase the capacity of technical staff; streamline workflows; reduce the need for rework; exploit the capacity of next generation high performance computing resources; and increase uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis to better capture and understand the evaluation space.

Value Proposition:

  • Project and Quality Management
  • Flairsoft Agile Software Technique (FAST)
  • Requirement Determination, Analysis, Test, Systems Evaluation & Integration
  • End-to-End Software Development and Support
  • Legacy System Sustainment & Modernization

Relevant Experience

Our breakthrough scientific/technical achievement: The DaVinci Project

  • Framework for “drag and drop” aircraft conceptual modeling for the Department of Defense
  • Enables multidisciplinary, physics-based computational design, analysis, and system performance derivations, including for: aerodynamic, structural, stability & control, and propulsion
  • Funded and managed by the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office (HPCMPO); a major piece of the DoD’s Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments Program for Air Vehicles (CREATE-AV)
  • DaVinci Brings Great Benefit To The DoD:
  • Crucial Next-Generation Engineering Design Tool Greatly Improves:
    • Requirements Determination
    • Systems Design, Performance/Effectiveness, and Trade Studies
    • Analysis of Alternatives
    • Enhanced Effectiveness Analysis – Supports Advanced Modeling and Simulation
    • Lifecycle Cost Determination
    • Operational and Production Risk Assessments
    • Simplified Source Selection Process
  • Conceptual Design Is One of First Steps of Robust Development Planning
  • Design Concepts are the First Step in Populating a System’s Digital Thread
  • Ultimately: The Program Yields Improved Decision Making

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