Flairsoft Federal Products

Integrated Workplace Management

Flairdocs™ Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)- is a world class solution that streamlines your real estate infrastructure operations for the highest levels of efficiency. The key differentiators of our solution include: configurability, scalability, ease of use integration and powerful reporting.

Integrated Workplace Management Key Benefits
  • Flairdocs™ Real Estate: With this module, you can manage your existing properties and related workflows and easily integrate them with your financial and other ERP systems
  • Flairdocs™ Asset Management: This module allows you to track and determine your access to real estate assets.
  • Flairdocs™ Project Management: Flairdocs™ provides a large number of both predefined, as well as ad-hoc reports, which allow you to manage your projects, related resources and budget.