Flairsoft Federal Products

Integrated Real Property GIS Solutions

Flairdocs™ provides comprehensive support for automating end-to-end business processes surrounding Real Property and Right of Way using, a scalable business process automation framework.

The Flairdocs™ Integrated Real Property Solutions, is focused to support the land and real estate-related activities for: The US Air Force, highway systems, property management units and communications facilities. It assists in the acquisition and administration of real property records for property, environmental and legal matters, while integrating project management, capital expansion, check registry and the control and management of asset inventory.

Flairsoft has built a dedicated technology and software organization within the RP industry, becoming the only vendor company with the comprehensive IT and integration experience necessary to seamlessly implement this solution. Flairdocs™ is also a pure browser-based solution and requires no individual installation on user machines, which other smaller programs require. Because of their various geographic locations, the Real Property and Right of Way industries demand mobile and secure applications and solutions that allow employees to perform their jobs efficiently from any location in the world. Using a Flairdocs™ solution will allow you to:

Integrated Real Property GIS Solutions Key Benefits
  • Transform Real Property and Right of Way processes: Reduces cost, improves service, and enables fast and easy collaboration between companies and public agencies.
  • Create and customize complex documents: Generates customized documents and forms with a click of the mouse.
  • Standardize operations: Promotes homogeneous business processes between geographically dispersed personnel.
  • Integrate information: Establishes information integration and sharing, unifying diverse business functions across an enterprise.
  • Empowers for better decision making: Supports more informed accurate and timely business decisions
  • Safeguard information: Safeguards sensitive information with customizable security features.
  • Ensure accountability: Tracks work flows and approvals throughout the entire RW acquisition process.
  • Reduce training costs: Captures and shares user knowledge across your workforce.
  • Provide agile configuration: Allows modification to meet changing business needs and provides continuing value.
  • Support Data: Imports a variety of spatial and non-spatial data elements such as ESRI, Intergraph and Google Earth