Flairsoft Federal Capabilities


Flairsoft has led data integration from sensors and developed solutions to complex modeling and simulation problems for Department of Defense and is uniquely positioned to assist Autonomy related challenges. By leveraging our key technical strengths and resources, synergize our project development methodologies, tools, and processes with our customers, we recognize the unique challenges with Air Superiority 2030 vision of seamless human-machine partnerships and Multi domain command and control.

Our Team specializes in the following, including, but not limited to:

  • Data Fusion and Understanding: Integrate human and machine data (context, time, format) for a shared world model
  • Human Machine Interaction: Enable human and machines to communicate and share information
  • Human and Machine Learning: Adaptive, learning and extended mutual training between H&M
  • Task and Cognitive Modeling: Task and function allocation for workload and decision-making balance

Relevant Experience

  • Mobile & GIS Development for State of Oregon, DaVinci interface Design
  • ATCO Electric
  • Robotics and machine learning with uncertainty planning for NASA based project

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